In 1954, parents in Kosciusko County who had children with disabilities conducted solitary, lonely searches to find services for their children. No group or organization existed to guide them, and they found the only answers to their questions too far away or too expensive to be of any real help.

After a lively discussion in the letters to the editor section of the local paper, parents found one another and soon classes were meeting daily in the living room of a family home in Milford. Thus was Cardinal’s humble, heartfelt beginning. Although their children were different ages and had varying diagnoses, all parents shared the same dream – that their child could do more, be more, and look forward to more than society seemed to understand.

They were right. Soon, children who were deemed “untrainable” were learning basic skills and opening the door to greater possibilities. What started as a handful of children led by a single teacher in a small living room, has grown into a thriving, spirited, lively, and unexpected Cardinal experience. Today, with an enthusiastic and dedicated staff of close to 500 employees, we are serving more than 4,000 people each year.

All this, accomplished through the ongoing commitment of those original families and the countless others who joined them along the way. We are grateful for them, and for you and your interest and support of Cardinal Services.

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