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United Way of St. Joseph County is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating long-lasting change, ensuring all residents have access to the building blocks to a better life: education, income and health.

We are thrilled to share our vision to move people from “poverty to possibility.” This is United Way of St. Joseph County’s new approach to addressing one of the most pressing issues in our community. Because poverty is a complex problem, it will require many people working together to identify strategies and develop solutions, which otherwise are not achievable through individual efforts.

In order to do so, United Way will perform our work much differently than ever before. We are committed to a much larger plan beyond fundraising, inviting the entire community to participate in the betterment of one another to solve this significant social issue. All of our work will be rooted in identifying, participating and collaborating in efforts centered on reducing poverty.

Thank you for your support. And remember, YOU have the power to DRIVE CHANGE.

United Way of St Joseph County is a social services organization located in South Bend, IN.